About H.G. Gravy

H.G. Gravy dwells in a small, dark crevice in Central New Jersey and is author to many short stories recently expunged from the internet. These will soon be available again on the many platforms built to infiltrate your mind. Several stories have survived destruction and can be found adapted into dramatic audio readings by The NoSleep Podcast or narrated across many YouTube channels in various languages.

H.G. Gravy loves to craft stories about the strange, macabre, and uncanny. However, he also dips his toes in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. After all, his main inspirations are Stephen King, Brian Keene, Anne Rice, Joe R. Lansdale, Clive Barker, Bryan Smith, George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, and Rod Serling.

When not writing, H.G. Gravy is punishing himself for not doing so. He enjoys reading across genres, watching horrible television shows, sampling craft beers, and cuddling with his dog and cat.

You can contact him at hggravy@gmail.com or Follow Him on Twitter 

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